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Paving the road to
secure passwords
Because passwords can be less annoying, and more intuitive.

Why Passfault?


We believe passwords can be less annoying, more intuitive, and useful. We aim to make the strength of passwords measurable and easily understood.

Existing Technology:

Current password policies do not portray the risk passwords pose to an organization. Similarly, password evaluation techniques doen't identify many weak passwords patterns, and falsely prohibit strong passwords. This results in administrators not knowing the true risk of their organization's passwords. Because existing password policies are inadequate, many organizations pay for yearly training, hoping that users will create strong passwords.

Hope for Passwords:

Passfault more accurately measures the strength of passwords. So accurate that it can predict the time required to crack the password. This information helps administrators determine an acceptable password policy. This also helps users intuition around how to create stronger passwords.

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